Next Steps for CMTP

The Canadian Music Theatre Project (CMTP), based at Sheridan College, is an internationally-renowned incubator – and Canada’s first – dedicated to the development of new works of musical theatre. CMTP fosters robust collaborations between visiting creative teams and Sheridan students to support a developing project through workshops, readings, masterclasses and presentations, and bring a script to life. Over 28 projects have been incubated through CMTP, adding to the catalogue of musical works created in Canada. Several works have enjoyed their professional premiers, including the run-away Broadway hit Come From Away. In CMTP’s first 10 years, we’ve helped ignite a renaissance in Canadian musical theatre, and fueled an industry that is now producing, and nurturing, homegrown musicals. It has been a decade of incredible accomplishments and we look forward to the next phase of our journey – currently in the planning stage while we engage in reflection and dialogue about the future needs of the industry – and expect that it will be every bit as remarkable.