Four performers


The Enlightenment of Percival von Schmootz was selected to join the 2015/16 Theatre Sheridan season for a two-week run in our Studio Theatre in November 2015. Seeing the musical being staged after the workshop the previous year was a unique opportunity for our students to continue to participate in the evolution of a new musical. It was workshopped at the American Music Theatre Project in 2015.

Main character


Fed up with a world filled with plagues, pestilence, and poor personal hygiene, a ridiculously optimistic young man sets out on a quest to end the Dark Ages. As he attempts to bring the light of hope to the world, Percival von Schmootz meets with hilariously disastrous results at every turn. It is only when things look the blackest that Percival is able to discover what true enlightenment means. A cross between Monty Python and Candide, this outrageous satirical comedy examines the ways we search for hope in our impossibly dark circumstances.

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