Senza Luce is the second musical from Neil Bartram and Brian Hill to be workshopped at the Canadian Music Theatre Project. It was selected from the 2015/16 projects to be presented as a full, two-act production during Theatre Sheridans 2016/17 season. The subject matter of the musical also lent itself to a joint project with students from Sheridans Bachelor of Animation program, who over three summers, are bringing to life some of the music and lyrics through the art of animation in this Corus Entertainment sponsored initiative.



This musical fable tells the story of Senza Luce, a village deep in the mountains of Northern Italy. Hidden from the outside world and shadowed over by the towering peaks of the Italian Alps, the villagers of Senza Luce have lived in perpetual darkness for centuries, never knowing sunlight. When one forward-thinking youth devises a brilliant way to bring light to their darkened lives, the village and its citizens are thrown into turmoil.

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