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Veterans of the Shaw Festival, Jay Turvey and Paul Sportelli have a long history with Sheridan and our alumni. 33 1/3 won the 2015 Playwrights Guild of Canada Award for Best New Musical.

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33 1/3 is about lying on your bedroom floor in 1974 and listening to records. Its about the LP as salvation. Jules, a closeted gay teenager and his best friend Jill escape the doldrums of high school in a small-town by listening to the music of Joni Mitchell and her contemporaries. Francis, a rebellious gay man enters their lives, his David Bowie albums tucked under his arm and everything changes. Julesfather grapples with the coming-out of his son and Jill turns her attention to Victor, a delinquent drummer from a broken home, whom she is tutoring. After a violent New Years Eve, Jules makes a decision that changes all their lives.

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