Sheridan’s CMTP signs historic co-development agreement with Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre

During Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first official visit to China in September, Sheridan’s Associate Dean of Visual and Creative Arts, Michael Rubinoff, took part in a Commercial Signing Ceremony that will kick off the co-development of a new musical between the Canadian Music Theatre Project and the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre. The musical will be based on the life of Dr. Norman Bethune, the Canadian physician who left a lasting impression on the Chinese people through his voluntary medical service during turbulent times in the country in the late 1930s. The project will team New York based Canadian’s Neil Bartram and Brian Hill with Nick Rongjun Yu, one of China’s most prolific playwrights.  Over the next few years, the two creative teams of composers and writers will work together to develop both English and Mandarin versions of the musical.  The Canada-China production will be workshopped in both countries with a premiere planned for 2019.